The F.I.T. Clinic – Limburg’s mobile wellness company.

Did you know that you are meant to be pain free, fit, and healthy and live a long life? But due to information overload, “poor” or “false” information, poor food choices and lifestyle habits, today’s society has helped you create a situation that makes lifelong health and fitness seemingly impossible.

Getting in shape can be quite challenging and sometimes difficult. I’m sure that you’re sick of spending your hard earning money on weight loss programs that yield temporary results - at best.

Or maybe you’ve decided to start a fitness regimen for fat-loss or weight loss…again, for the one hundredth time! Perhaps you’ve spent large sums of money on gym memberships that you’ll never use, and on fitness trainers that were ineffective.

Increasing your level of physical fitness is not rocket science! But to take that first step to getting healthier, feeling better, getting a firmer body, and having more energy, you sometimes need expert help in order to do it safely and efficiently, not to mention guide you through the oceans of misleading information you get from the media.

Would you love to discover a fun, private, affordable and effective way to transform your body, decrease your body fat and improve your level of fitness in as little as 90 min per week?

If so, then you've finally found your solution!

My name is John Grady, Limburg’s best personal fitness coach and owner of The FIT Clinic – The mobile Wellness Company, based in Maastricht.

Wellness means “total health”— mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Getting fit helps you in every aspect of your life. The F.I.T. Clinic wants to be part of the solution to help you make those positive, long lasting changes for the better.

Not only will we work with you to put together a balanced fat-loss program that works, but as part of our commitment to you, we also guarantee our services and your success.